Acacia 5523

Acacia 5523 Beirut

An Inspiring Outlook
Given the unique location, Acacia Residences has exceptional views over an evolving cityscape, especially from the penthouse and upper floors. Here elements of traditional architecture blend with modern buildings to create a vista that seems like a dialogue between old and new.
The Shape of Modern Practic Ality
Acacia Residences’ facade speaks the language of modernity. Combining convenience and desirability, the exterior is dynamic yet harmonious. A layered effect adds to the sense of contemporary vitality. All in all, the building leaves a welcoming impression of elegance and practicality.

Enter Serenity
Acacia Residences embodies a sense of freedom. The main entrance is modern, bright and welcoming. The first floor is elevated 5.7 meters high above the street level retail space, creating distance from the street below and adding an additional touch of privacy. The building also has a dedicated concierge service at the ground level, ensuring the building is secure and clean.

Inside Comfort
The interior layout was designed to eliminate wasted space and provide you with the room you need to live to the fullest. The quality material used and meticulous finishing bring out the interiors’ appeal. Here you can live in a small or mid-sized apartment while enjoying the luxury of maximized living space, parking spaces, a maid’s room, storage and more.

Blossoming Potential
Acacia Residences’ prime Sodeco-Achrafieh location is an address you can be proud of in an area where you can balance urban life with wellbeing and tranquility. Its solid structure merges convenience and desirability to provide a place you can call home. Acacia Residences offers affordable small to mid-sized apartments that blend functionality with comfort and central access, hence redefining the concept of life in an ideal location by offering homes within your reach.

Parking Practic Ality
Apartments have 2 parking spaces available on the 5 underground levels so you’ll never have to worry about wasting time to find a spot! All apartments also benefit from practical storage spaces.

Order and Serenity
Acacia Residences will be managed by a known building management company, ensuring everything is well maintained, fully functional and secure. This also means you will enjoy order, reliability and serenity.

Location: Beirut
ACACIA RESIDENCES MAKES ITS HOME IN THE HEART OF A VIBRANT NEIGHBOURHOOD IN BEIRUT, RIGHT BEHIND SODECO SQUARE . This great location means that Sodeco, Abdel Wahab El Englizi, Monot, Downtown and Ashrafieh are all a quick walk away. The best the city has to offer is right here: restaurants, cafes, gyms, spa, business centers, shopping, banks, the French Cultural Center, National Museum, Berytech Technological Pole, ABC Shopping Center, Saint Joseph University, Nazareth School.

In addition to the attractive surroundings, Acacia Residences boasts quick and easy access to the rest of Beirut. It also enjoys incomparable tranquility, something very rare in such a prime location.
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