Rihab Al Yasmine 1361

Rihab Al Yasmine 1361 Riyadh

Residential Villas

The Ideal Place to Take Root

Rihab Al Yasmine Villas is nestled in the rapidly growing Al Yasmine area north of Riyadh. The private 30 villa community is at the crossroads of Abi Bakr Al Siddiq and Anas bin Malik roads, meaning it is conveniently located near the city center. The community even boasts easy access to King Khalid International Airport, Kingdom Hospital, Princes Nora Bint Albdul Rahman University and King Abdullah Financial District. As a result, this ideal location combines suburban tranquility with urban charm and practicality. Here relaxation, shopping, business and financial centers, educational institutions and more are all within your reach.
Design that Blossoms
Rihab Al Yasmine Villas is home to 30 mid-sized villas that embody a tailored approach to design, respecting that individuals have different tastes and preferences. This empowers you with choice and the chance to express yourself through your home. Rihab Al Yasmine Villas unites the traditional with the modern and the simple with the lavish to create your perfect home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Aroma of Character
The community is characterized by its architecture and the endearing simplicity of the modern and vibrant external facades. Attention to detail is prevailing and fine finishing merges with high-quality materials to create welcoming interiors. These interiors have well-designed internal divisions and great flow to create the ideal environment for a comfortable lifestyle that meets modern needs while preserving timeless cultural traditions.

Flowering Satisfaction
Flowering Satisfaction Rihab Al Yasmine Villas spans 11,580 m2 of land. With 3 different villa types to choose from, you can have the lifestyle you've always wanted. All the villas share the same contemporary spirit and yet the vast and exclusive set of design elements that have been handpicked for residents make each home stand out. The unique architecture of each villa seamlessly blends local heritage with international modern accents, combining the rich past with the progressive future. Present day satisfaction has found its home
Location: Riyadh
North of Riyadh, Area 24, Next to Abi Bakr Al Al Sidik and Anas Bin Malek. The 11,580m2 Al Yasamine project is located in one of Riyadh’s most exciting developing areas. The district is witnessing a rapid investment phase and in the future will become the center of residential villas in the capital.

This strategic location gives the project easy access to the city center via surrounding highways like the Takhassosi Road, Abi Baker Al Siddik Road and Prince Salman Road. The project is also connected to the King Abdul Aziz Road, King Fahad Road, in addition to easy access to the Airport, Kingdom Hospital and the King Abdullah Financial
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